Submission Instructions

Home assignments should be submitted to Shai's mailbox on the second floor of Schreiber.
Please submit your assignments in Pdf or Word format.
Please make sure to save a copy of the assignment in case it gets lost!

Number Due Exercise
1 November 13 PDF
2 December 16 PDF
3 January 16 PDF


Homework 1

Question 3: The question is about a FINITE game.
Question 4e: There is no such example. Don't do this question. Our apologies.
Question 5: A network of parallel links is one which consists of two nodes, s and t, with several parallel edges from s to t.

Homework 1

Question 10a: The sets the bidders are interested in are public knowledge. The bidders submit two bids, one for each set. They cannot lie about the sum of the bids, as it is calculated by the mechanism. The mechanism then lists all bids as in the greedy algorithm, including the bid for the union of the two sets. So each agent has 3 bids in total associated with her.

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